About us

We are a family owned company with tradition

Company Sing, Ltd. is a family owned company with tradition. 25 years ago we began working iron casts for Italian market.

Since than company has evolved and improved techniques of working casts and other metal materials.

Today company boasts new modern machinery and measurement equipment and can offer customers products of required quality within agreed deadlines.

Innovation is our constant

Innovations are at the core of our business processes. We are incessantly trying to improve and rationalise production and technological processes within the company. Our employees are members of Public Agency for Research Activity of Slovenia. We conduct different research and development projects within area of our expertise.

For our clients we produce

  • biomass furnace parts
  • biomass furnace dispensers
  • water pumps and waste water pumps parts
  • hydraulic components casings
  • brake drums and brake discs
  • machined casts upon clients' requirements

Our advantages

  • long tradition and experience at working iron casts for European markets
  • with expert know-how and skills we produce precisely worked products
  • we deliver within agreed deadlines
  • co-operation with clients in developing methods of easier and cheaper working
  • flexible production, quick adapting to client's needs
  • fixture support for new products is done by ourselves


SING, d.o.o., Petrovče

Arja vas 27a
3301 Petrovče

+386 3 710 07 17
+386 3 710 07 18

Cesta na Vrbje 10
3310 Žalec

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